Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process is distinct, detailed, and involves rounds of rigorous testing.

We take into consideration individual client needs and tailor our processes accordingly. The process involves detailed discussion with clients to enable us better understand their specific requirements and identify a candidate who best fits the role. 

Our recruitment process includes the following steps:

A detailed Job Briefing with the client.
Submission of an individual Search Proposal / Job Description
Candidate Sourcing, Screening, Reference Checks, Personality & Skill Tests (on request)
Presentation on Shortlisted Candidates
Feedback / Interview Rounds
Offer Extension and Negotiation
Our approach during the entire recruitment cycle revolves around respect and integrity, where we value individual beliefs, needs, and opinions. Therefore, it is particularly important for us to understand the exact requirements of our clients and connect them with the best-suited candidate.

Diversity, Equality, Inclusion & Integrity

Our company is powered by the confidence that human potential is boundless. People possessing experience, knowledge, skills, and values that collectively pave the way to a Company’s success. At Hirschman Associates, we are committed to identifying and creating a diverse source of talent, tailored to match business opportunities with a specific skillset.

Equality, integrity, and inclusion are the key values behind our approach. They are the foundation on which our talent acquisition strategies are developed. We respect and regard individuality and believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce is the base of innovation and creativity.

Work with us / For clients

At Hirschmann Associates we value and understand the importance of time and resources of our clients and our candidates. Therefore, we base our recruitment process of finding the right candidate for the right job – in the most effective way possible.

Talent hunt is what we do best. Our processes are designed to ensure best hiring practices and minimal turnover. We engage candidates in thorough evaluation processes to truly grasp their traits, positives, and skills of each and every candidate.

Some of the tests conducted by our team include:

Individual Screening
Personality Tests
Characteristic Tests
Qualification Tests
Reference Checks